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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I love the mountains!

Oh, how wonderful it was to be out in nature this weekend! I went up to Payson Lakes and camped with a bunch of friends overnight Friday. It was so cold but beautiful to wake up in the morning. I am so excited for summer to come because if I had my way I think I would be up in the mountains all summer long. I forgot how much I love camping with the smell of the fire at night and in the morning. I even built and kept the fire going. I probably need to get a little more practice in before I can call myself a true fire expert, but it wasn't bad for not having tried in years (even then Dad always took over or some other camp leader). I have a feeling that this will not be the end of my camping trips for the summer!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

To audition or not to audition?

Well, I performed for our ward talent show on Saturday. I had so much fun getting up and singing again. I have really missed singing and dancing for other people besides my roommates and Addie. I still am really unsure about my abilities to be a performer that people pay for, but I was talking to a guy who is playing the Beast at the local theater company and he said that I should audition for "Thoroughly Modern Millie". I got thinking about it, but I am not sure I want to make that much of a time commitment at the beginning of a new school year. I know I only have one life, but I have to balance my time because I have a habit of doing the fun stuff and forgetting that I have more important responsibilities. Oh well, it has just been in my head today.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Where would I go?

I got to thinking...there are only 14 more working days left until the end of the school year. Yay! So, if I could celebrate by going anywhere in the world where would it be? HAWAII! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. Not for the weather and the great beaches, but I am facinated by the amazing life style and culture. The Aloha Spirit is something I want to live and learn. I will get there one day!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Back to teaching...

Well, I was doing state testing all last week and it felt weird having to go back to teaching full time. Making lesson plans and keeping the excitement up is hard enough in the middle of the year, I forgot how hard it is at the end of the year when you only have four weeks left. I think I might relate it to trying to keep a hippo in a room the size of a closet. The kids are bursting at the seems to have vacation. Truthfully, I think I might be my own hippo. I want to have a break so much but I have to make things interesting and useful up to the end. I will do it, but I have a feeling that it will have to take a lot of creative energy.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Just Starting Out!

First I must give an explanation for the name of my blog. Many years ago my father was giving one of his famous dinner time speeches for his children to learn and grow from. As he was speaking he was starting to quote the famous saying "There are three types of people in the world..." As he reached this point, in my innocent voice, I pipped up and said, "And I am one of them!" Well, the whole family burst out laughing. It still took me a few years to figure out what was so funny about that comment, but to this day I still like to think that I am a one of a kind in this world and that I have a unique personality. This is a place to share that personality with others who might think that it is interesting or, if nothing else, entertaining.