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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happily Ever After

So the evening started with Jeff bringing me a beautiful bunch of roses!
We hiked up to our special meadow for a picnic dinner of sandwiches and grapes.
Jeff then suggested a walk through the medow. On the walk we happend upon a rose with a note attached. We kept walking and there was another rose and note in the grass. This happend six times all together before we went back to the picnic area.

At this point Jeff said that he had another surprise and told me to sit down on a log and close my eyes. He set a present in my lap. I opened it and it was a book telling the story of how we started met and started dating.

At the end the book ended in the meadow with a picture of Jeff proposing in the exact spot that we were in.
I of course started crying and I am not sure if I said yes or not but Jeff put the ring on my finger and took the crying as a yes.

We are now happily engaged and will now spend the next few months planning for our October wedding!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

California Girl!

I had the best trip home I could have asked for. It is always so great to go home and be with my family. I also have the opertunity to finally have Mom and Dad meet Jeff. We had such a good time with all the activities of the week. We went to the community theater production of The Music Man. Jeff and I also went to the beach. There were a few other activites as well.

We took Jeff to Grants Grove to show him the giant readwood trees.

Most important of all was that I went through the Temple for the first time. It was a beautiful and amazing experience. I was so happy to have so many people there will me. It was so nice and I will always remember how good I felt.

Well, It was warm but I just am always so amazed at how comfortable I feel when I go home. It is one of the best places I can go.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Memory Tag

I got this from Ann's blog!

1.  Leave a comment of a memory of ME!

2. Put these instructions on your blog so I can visit you and leave a memory I have of you.

Ok, the instructions may be short but my computer is acting weird so I can't copy and past and I didn't feel like typing it manually.