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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am so HANDY!

So, now that it is Summer I have lots of time for projects around the house!  Here are just a few things I have done today!

Since I don't have my garden area, I decided to just grow herbs.  I can't wait for them to grow and fill my kitchen with lots of yummy smells.

I painted a bunch of frames, I had from my wedding, black so I can make a picture collage.  My sister Megan had the idea and I will be waiting for her great eye to help me put it up on the wall. 

I hung a clock in my front bathroom.  I even think I centered it all by myself.

I repaired a door hing in my master bathroom.  Thanks to my dad for teaching me some tricks.

Finally, I got all the boxes out of my bedroom.  The clothes are hung up and the extra stuff is down stairs.  It feels so good to walk in there are not walk around a large area of boxes. 

 Now I just have to keep working on the kitchen, guest room and office.  I am determined to get it all put together before I have to go back to work.