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Saturday, September 29, 2007


OK, so Stacey put a whoopie cushion under my blankets on my "bed" tonight and when I went to open up my computer I sat on it. I was so surprised but my first thought was "Oh, no! My air mattress popped. What am I going to sleep on now?" Then I realized that it was the whoopie cushion. Stacey and I laughed so hard. Pranks can be funny (sometimes).


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I ran (walked) a 5K!

Robyn and Delta at the Aspen 12th ward 5K!

So, I finally got my time and pictures from the ward 5K I ran/walked. It was a fun and new experience. I have never been in a "race" before and I became slightly competitive even though I knew I was not going to beat even half of the people. It did give me insight into my competitive drive not only with others but with myself as well. Now here comes the sad news. I ended up making it in 42.00 minutes. Not bad but not great either. Maybe I need to find a sport that I actually like.