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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day!

Yesterday was such a great day! It all started with Jeff taking me to FINALLY get a new oven range. (Please see Jeff’s last Moniversary post for the story on that one) We went to a couple of different places but finally settled on a GE oven range with four burners and a warming burner. It has lots of fun things it can do and the oven is so BIG! I can’t wait to get it and use it this coming Tuesday.

Well, not only am I excited about being able to cook upstairs again, I went online to check if my Praxis PLT test scores were up. Now, there is another part to this process which will make my excitement for checking my scores mean a lot more in the story….

On March 14th I took the last test I will need to get my level 2 license to be a teacher (more pay, not as many people looking over my shoulder, etc.). When I went into the room I wasn’t all the way sure what to expect. I had tried to get some practice things online but they either didn’t work or they cost money, so I was in for a surprise. The test had 25 multiple choice questions, 4 case studies which each had three questions and those questions had two parts each. I was to answer the case studies using short answer essays. It doesn’t sound so bad right? Well, try doing it in TWO HOURS! That was it! I was writing so fast I thought my fingers were going to fall off. My brain was spinning trying to think and write at the same time, and forget having time to read through the case study. I panicked half way though when I realized there was no way I was going to be able to answer all the questions. My last essay I wrote said “draw more” (it was a response to how to help a child with visual/ spatial learning).

When I came out of the test I was FURIOUS! I couldn’t believe they would give a test where there was not enough time to think or process information to a teacher who it trying to prove that she can give GOOD assessments. They were testing how fast I could read and write. I will just say that there were a lot a tears and Jeff had to give me lots of hugs (and do a little math to find out the probability of me passing).

Well, it has been over four weeks and I saw my test scores and I PASSED! There were more tears, but these were happy tears that were full for relief. I can still be a teacher, the only job I would ever want to have. I love my students and would be sad if I couldn’t teach any more.
Saturdays are a great day!