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Monday, March 30, 2009

Imelda strikes again!

Well, anyone who has been around me for a while might know that I am a little obsessed with shoes. My parents even used to call me Imelda when I was little. I don’t own as many as the woman who is famous for her extensive shoe collection, but I own a few pairs (Jeff would say tons, but I know that I could have more, so I am sticking with the FEW) and I love them all. I like all types, colors, shapes, comfy and impractical shoes. On Saturday, with my “fun money” , I was at the Sunflower Market (GREAT PLACE) and I saw a whole wall of Crocs. Kenny, my brother, had purchased some a few weeks ago and I thought that they were so comfortable (of course I tried his shoes on, I wanted to see if I liked them) and I wanted some for myself. I remembered when I saw the colorful wall and the shoes just called out to me (shoes do that sometimes). I quickly looked for my size and then debated on what color to get, green or blue. I decided I would wear them more often if I picked the blue. I have to admit, I checked out as fast as possible, power walked to my car and immediately put the new shoes on. I was right, they were so comfortable. They do look a little silly and normally I am a fan of the cute shoes, but the last time I bought shoes was in December (my snow boots) and that was rough for me. I think I use to average at least one pair a month. Well, have no fear I have found some shoes to keep me content. New shoes always make for a great day.