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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting a Green Thumb?

Well, I have caught a bug. The green thumb bug that it is. I went home last week and saw so many beautiful gardens and landscapes which got me VERY excited about trying to get my own yard looking, well, like a yard and not just a brown waste land (ok, so I am being a little dramatic). Jeff and I have talked about getting a watering system and other plans of planting a garden, but we haven't really done anything about it (except for trying to controll the weeds).

Well, this week I have started, on my new found energy, to try and work in my yard. I even went to the Home Depot by myself and bought some Round Up and some new (cute) gloves. I still don't have any idea what I am doing, but I figure with asking a lot of questions and some trial and error, Jeff and I just might be able to figure it out!