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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Colors of Paris

Sainte Chapelle

Since Jeff did most of the writing and I did almost all of the picture taking I figured I would just share a fraction of the pictures I took in Paris.  I will post some more pictures from the rest of the trip some other time.

Along the Seine River at night

Small Park next to the Musée de l'Armée
Napoleon's Tomb
Garden in the Rodin Museum

View from our hotel window.  I was fascinated with the windows and the window boxes all over Europe.  I took way too many pictures of windows.

Dinner our 2nd night.  The potatoes were my favorite!

Arc de Triomphe


Jeff said...

You were quite the photographer, my love. Thanks for taking so many pictures of our trip and documenting our great experiences.

Kayli said...

You posted!!! :)

That dinner looks SO amazing. I wish I could eat it right now!

I'm glad I got to see you two last night! It had been too long! And I hope Bachelor Pad isn't TOO stupid... but even if it's not, let's still hang out, ok?

Meg said...

I want to see all the others! (Well, maybe not ALL, but certainly more than can be posted on a blog). Oh, and remind to hire you as photographer extraordinaire for all of my future trips. Your shots are AMAZING. Way to go!

Ann said...

You are such an awesome photographer! Such fun!

Carol said...

Beautiful pictures and I'm sure beautiful memories. You are quite the artist.

Paul and Susan said...

Fascinating photos. I'm glad you got the opportunity to go there!