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Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Europe Pictures

I just felt like I was in a fairytale while I was in Switzerland and Germany.  I guess it was all the castles and rolling green hills.  Here are some more pictures from the last half of our trip.

The Temple near Bern, Switzerland

The temple grounds were beautiful and simple (for most temples)

a cute little church next to our hotel (no the bells did not wake me up, I think I was too exhausted from Paris to even notice)

I loved just how green everything was in Switzerland (and most of Germany)

The giant cuckoo clock  next to the CUTE cuckoo clock shop in the Black Forest.

Part of the Heidelberg castle

There was a group of men singing German songs in the streets of Rudesheim

Those cherries tasted so good!
Candles in a church (we just happened to walk by)

Did I mention I loved to take pictures of the flowers that were EVERYWHERE!
A cute garden we found walking around one of the smaller German towns.

I am so glad Jeff and I had the opportunity to go on this WONDERFUL trip.  It gave me memories and experiences I will treasure forever.


Kayli said...

:) :)

I forgot to tell you I looked up the Black Forest coo coo clocks and they're hundreds and even thousands of dollars!!! Looks like I won't be buying one of those anytime soon! (Or ever, haha.)

Paul and Susan said...

Beautiful buildings and scenery. It's been enjoyable to see your pictures from this trip.

Jeff said...

It was a super awesome trip. Thanks for making it so fun and thanks for being our official family photographer.

Sarah Jane said...

Love the pics...I can smell the air of switzerland just looking. Christopher's comment about what it was like to come back from America after 2 years in Swiss. was "Um....America is really ugly." And yes. It is true:) Thanks for the pics! And I have to say that I love your new header. In case you were wondering what I look like at 8pm after the kids are down and I still have to do the's your header. You can be reminded of your sister in law every time you post:)

krobinson said...

Europe seems a great fun oriented place. I hope I could get to visit this place soon.
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