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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My parents are in town!

My parents are back in town to visit. My brother and sister-in-law just had their third child (Ella Jane Wright) the day before Jeff and I went to Hawaii (so sorry I didn't write about her birth), so my parents are out being Grandparents. My brother is also in the play Singing in the Rain at the Hale Center Theater, Orem, so they are also being supportive parents.

Well, being the only child with a spare room they are staying with us for a couple of days and I LOVE it! Not only do I get spoiled and I get to spend time with them, my parents are so HANDY! I always have a few projects that I want to get done while they are here. My dad and I have a great time bonding at Lowe's or Home Depot and my mom and I often look though the fabric at Joanne's. Here are some of the things we have gotten done this week:

Installed a ceiling fan in my bedroom so Jeff can survive the rest of summer.


Recovered my kitchen chairs. They were stained (before I moved in) and I couldn't get them clean (or at least to look like they were clean)


And, as always, we are still slowly repairing the hole in the wall. The plaster needs to be thicker then we thought so it takes a couple of layers so they will dry.

I am still working on re caulking the downstairs sink and a few other things here and there. My parents are wonderful to have around and I like learning how to take care of a house. Soon I will be able to install and repaire all sorts of stuff on my own. Thanks Mom and Dad!


Kayli said...

Yay parents!

Jeff said...

You and your parents are so handy. I love that I go to work and come home to find so many great projects done.

Meg said...

Way to be handy! I want to learn to upholster furniture, too!

Paul and Susan said...

I'm sure your parents are enjoying staying with you and doing things together. You are a great family.

Carol said...

We LOVED coming to visit and doing projects with you. You have a wonderful home that is obviously filled with lots of love. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Marilyn said...

Nice ceiling fan and I love the chairs!! Awesome!!

Heather said...

Your parents sound so wonderful. They always lend a hand around the house when they come. It's nice they got to visit. You must be loving that ceiling fan!