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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our First Christmas!

Jeff and I had our first married Christmas and it was amazing. I have to admit, I was a little (maybe a lot) worried about spending my first Christmas away from my family and not spending it in California. For 27 years of my life I have been with my parents, sister Meg and various other family (depending on the year) in our cute little Clovis home. Well, there were many tears in the month leading up to the vacation, but as Jeff and I started our life together I became so excited to spend the holiday with him. HE was the important part of Christmas this year. Not that I didn't miss my family, but I was able to have a great time with people I love (his family is great) and I will have many years of Christmas being different then my childhood years, as it should be. All I have to do to make it be a great Christmas is be with people I love and celebrate the gift of the Savior and giving.

Here are a few details from our cute little Christmas.

Christmas Eve morning I made my families traditional breakfast for Jeff. I made maple sausage and strawberry creps. I think they tasted really good and it made me feel like I wasn't missing out on too much in California.

I made Jeff's stocking. It was a first attemp at sewing something other then a pillow on my own.

Jeff has this "sneeky" face that he gets when he is excited to suprise me and that always makes me really excited for whatever surprise he has to give me. Naturally, he had this face before we went to bed on Christmas Eve so I was too excited to sleep. I woke up on Christmas morning so many times I finally asked Jeff at about 7:00 am if we could get up and start opening presents.

We had a great time opening presents together. We took turns opening them and we had a rule that every time we opened a present we had to kiss (we thought it was a good rule).

We both got some fun stuff. I think that one of my favorite gifts from Jeff was my ihome. I had just talked about wanting one on Christmas Eve because I didn't like my old alarm clock. That might have been when the sneeky face came out, but I didn't realize at the time he had already bought one for me about two months earlier. He knows me so well and is so good at picking things I really love.
I also loved giving Jeff his Pi shirt and a digital photo frame that he can put in his office.

Together we ended up getting over 21 DVDs for Christmas. We have been watching them slowly over the past couple of weeks.

We also had a VERY white Chirstmas. It was the first time in my life that I have had a white Christmas. It was fun to see the snow falling when I woke up in the morning! Unfortunatly, because of all the beautiful snow Jeff and I got the car stuck at his parents house that night. It took a lot of hard work and time but we finally got it out.

Christmas is a great time of year and one of my favorites. I'm glad Jeff and I had such an amazing first Christmas and I look forward to many more Christmases to come.


Jeff said...

I had alot of fun too. The best part was being with you. I'm excited to have the sneaky face on many future Christmases and other occasions.

Heather said...

What a fun Christmas! It's gotta be hard experiencing your first Christmas away from home. You did a great job on Jeff's stocking! I'm glad you were able to finish it in time.

I, too, received an iHome as a gift a few months ago and it has greatly increased the excitement in my life. Jeff chose well!

Ann said...

Call me crazy... but that about sounds like the best Christmas ever!

Jared W. said...

Robyn you do have the best husband ever. It was fun hearing about all the things that he was getting you. I am glad you gave him the Pi shirt, I am sure that made his Christmas.