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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Arches National Park Trip: In Photos

Well, here are just a fraction of the photos I took on our grand adventure this weekend. It was so much fun! I was just so happy that I took my camera with me so I could be the official photographer.

Midnight hike up to Delicate Arch:

This is my absolute favorite picture of them all!
The Fiery Furnace:

(Our interpretation of Abby Road)

Devil's Garden:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday My Love!

29 reasons I love My Love (sorry for those who don't do mushy, I am required to be mushy on his birthday).

In no particular order

1. What WhAt!
2. is a Geek
3. is a geek who is obsessed with dinosaurs
4. sings me made up songs all the time
5. laughs sometimes when he doesn't even think it is funny
6. can quote all of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings (did I mention GEEK)
7. Lets me be myself
8. Takes me on amazing vacations (we are going to Europe this summer!)
9. snuggles me all the time
10. makes delicious breakfasts
11. is a great writer
12. keeps me safe
13. works REALLY hard so we can live the life we do
14. laughs when I am not trying to be funny
15. doing his Jeff dance
16. lets me cry even when it is his kryptonite
17. keeps the yard looking nice
18. shares my love for reading
19. learns about all sorts of things and then teaches me
20. can think logically when I don't
21. passionate about knowledge
22. kind
23. loving
24. patience
25. does mental math WAY better then anyone else I know
26. Loves pi/pie
27. cute
28. always growing
29. my BEST friend!

There are more, but this will be the list for this year. The best thing is that I get to be with him forever! Jeff, I love you always!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Marme!

Many sleepless nights with colic or a nightmare
Often a nurse, teacher, chauffeur, therapist, and playmate all at once
Time together creates priceless memories
Helpful hands to a child in need
Responsible for who I am today!

I love you Marme and I always will!